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Inspired after a trip to Scone Palace, the ancient crowning place of Scottish Kings and resident to many impressive looking peacocks, we created this incredible peacock feather pattern and knew this would look amazing on our jersey fabric, and it does!

It may be a flightless bird but you'll be sending it on the trails and looking impressive to all the other trail users.

The jersey is a modern fit made from a stretch tech material that will accomodate most underarmour and is available in both Mens and Ladies fit.


The side zip pocket  is handy for your mid ride snack, bank card and/or lift pass.


FREE postage is automatically applied for this item.

Peacock Jersey

  • Our highly successful jersey has been improved further with it's modern fit and fabric that stretches further than before it means you have a comfortable fit both with or without underarmour. 

    The side zip pocket is retained for those important mid ride snacks or keeping your bank card/lift pass safe.

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