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  • Can you sponsor me?
    This is a question we recieve on a daily basis, and we're flattered, but we choose quality over quanity. We go through a selection process and choose riders who have a strong social media presence, high quality content made up of photography and videos that are of a very high standard to replicate the high quality of our products. If you have only a few hundred followers and only a dozen shaky pictures from your phone then the answer is no. So if you want to be sponsored by Ride It create high quality content on your social media by getting high quality photos, and get creative with them. Then gain a strong following by posting content daily and being responsive with your followers. When you have all this and you want to approach us then be professional about it, don't ask "can I get some free stuff?" (this is so common and it's an immediate "chase ourself" from us). If your long term aim is to be a professional rider then act like one off the track as well as on it.
  • What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for custom jerseys?
    We used to do single custom jerseys but it got to the point that we were so maxed out that we had to take the decision to introduce an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 20 jerseys to ensure that we had time to ourselves to have a life and spend time with family as well as ride bikes. You can however purchase a standard jersey from our online shop and ask us to customise it with your name on the back for an added small fee.
  • Can I sell your products in my shop?
    Our clothing yes! So if you are interested in expanding your range and want exciting, high quality products in your shop then message us for our wholesale pricing today! We're also interested in businesses that would like to sell our coffee so get in touch if you would like to sell a delicious coffee on your premises that appeals to riders.
  • What's your turnaround time for custom clothing?
    Turnaround time is 3weeks for jerseys but please be concious that when ordering these are a bespoke made product and can be delayed due to supplier issues, delivery issues, etc, but know that we work hard for our customers with the aim to deliver on time and provide a high quality service as well as a high end finished product.
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