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The "Ride It" moniker came about by riding buddies egging each other on to ride features that they might otherwise avoid. Then Enduro racing kicked off so theTeam Ride It name was the obvious choice and Ally, being a Graphic Designer by trade, had to create a logo and have some jerseys made. Ironically he missed the jersey debut after a heavy crash but during his year of recovery he hatched plans to build Ride It into a brand and make products available to everybody.

It's been 5 years of learning many new skills and meeting many amazing people and brands. The last couple of years were a challenge due to epilepsy and the medication used to control it, suppliers letting us down and then Covid hit but Ally isn't somebody to lie down so he made changes to bring some manufacturing in-house (you could say we now have our own micro factory up and running!) and sourced more reliable suppliers for all the rest. 

Something that we've focused on recently is sustainability. Changing suppliers to ones based in the UK not only means a quicker turnaround but also less impact on the environment as our products are transported less mileage with no air travel. Also it helps boost our own economy so we're proud so say that our products are made in the UK! The printing of our casual clothing is done in-house so we can print on demand which means less waste. Many of our clothing products are organic and even vegan, which means no animals were used in the manufacturing process (do you know much of the red clothing items in the world use dye from beetles blood?) Our coffee is also organic and Fairtrade. We're just a small brand but we're showing bigger brands that changes can be made to be responsible and do our bit to make a better world. 

So though we've been quieter on social media during 2020 we've been very busy behind the scenes and this new website with all our new products are the fruits of our labour. Enjoy...!

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